The Gholipour Group is based at the Nanoscale Optics Laboratory in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE)  at the University of Alberta, Canada. 

Our lab has broad research interests in nanotechnology in particular nanophotonics, reconfigurable optics and photonic integrated circuits as well as dielectric and plasmonic metamaterials and metasurfaces realized using predominantly chalcogenide and perovskite semiconductors for emerging telecommunication, sensing, energy, display and computing applications.


Our research follows an interdisciplinary approach to realize mass-manufacturable materials and devices that address grand engineering challenges through coupling fundamental physical insights with cutting edge computational design and simulation techniques. See more on our research interests>>

Group Leader and Lab Director, Professor Behrad Gholipour is a pioneer in the design and manufacturing of reconfigurable plasmonic and dielectric nanophotonic metamaterials and metasurfaces using phase change and perovskite materials as well as manufacturing, processing and use of multimaterial optical fibres for a variety of telecommunication and computing applications. See more>>

Our team is highly multidisciplinary, with a diverse skillset (See more). We are always on the lookout for exceptional candidates (both at the graduate and undergraduate levels) for a variety of projects with knowledge of electronics, physics or materials science, a keen interest in optics and photonic technologies, and a desire to develop advanced skills in experimental photonics, materials design and discovery, computational electromagnetic modeling, electron and optical microscopy and cleanroom-based nanofabrication. 

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Wiley Advanced Photonics Research

Behrad Gholipour joins the Editorial Advisory board of Advanced Photonics Research

Advanced Photonics Research, a new sister journal of Advanced Science, and part of the new Advanced X Research family of titles, is an international Open Access journal that publishes peer-reviewed articles presenting novel, significant and high-quality results in all areas of the thriving field of photonics and optics. Topics range from fundamental research in theory and experiment to applications, devices and systems, both in established and emerging fields.

Petro-Canada Young Innovator

Behrad Gholipour awarded the Petro-Canada Young Innovator 2020 Award

The Petro-Canada Young Innovator Awards recognize, promote and support outstanding and innovative faculty researchers whose academic work benefits the learning environment of their department and whose research has potential to be of significance to society at large.

Lloyds Register Foundation (LRF) Success

We are recipient of an LRF International Consortium of Nanotechnologies studentship.

We have been awarded a LRF ICON Studentship for exploring the use of metadevices for real-time environmental monitoring. Collaborators include LR Energy Group and University of Southampton.

NSERC Discovery Grant + Early Career Launch Supplement

Behrad Gholipour receives a 2019 NSERC Discovery grant in addition to a Launch supplement

Principal investigator Behrad Gholipour is awarded a 2019 Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Discovery Grant in addition to a Launch supplement with a duration of five years for research into various types of Metadevices.